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Complaints & Investigations

What is the complaint process?

The Grand Jury is responsive to the signed suggestions and complaints from citizens about issues the Jury should investigate. Please include address and phone number so the Grand Jury can contact you. Include as much factual information as possible for each complaint. Each complaint is received by the complaint committee, and if it is within the Grand Jury's jurisdiction, assigned to one of the jury's committees for consideration. You can contact the Grand Jury through mail, phone, and fax. Due to security considerations, email complaints cannot be accepted. Though the jury cannot investigate every issue, every complaint is considered. All complaints received by the Grand Jury are treated confidentially. The Grand Jury's records may not be inspected nor subpoenaed. All investigations and interviews are kept secret.

To file a complaint, write or fax the Grand Jury with the contact information below:

Mailing address:

Ventura County Grand Jury
800 S. Victoria Ave, L#3751
Ventura, CA 93009
Phone: (805) 477-1600
Fax: (805) 658-4523

Who may ask the Grand Jury to investigate?

Any citizen, civic group, county official, or county employee may present a signed complaint in writing to the Grand Jury. The complaint must include name, address, and, if available, telephone number. Any request for an investigation should include detailed evidence supporting the complaint. If the Grand Jury feels that the evidence submitted is sufficient and the complaint is within its jurisdiction and time permitting, a detailed investigation will be held. Complaints submitted in the earlier months (July-December) of a Grand Jury's tenure will allow more time to pursue an investigation.

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