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Human Resources

Human Resources



Human Resources

The goal of the Human Resources Division of the Ventura County Executive Office is to attract, develop and maintain a well qualified and effective workforce. We provide personnel services to County agencies, employees and applicants, including recruitment, employee training and development, benefits administration, health promotion and work/family balance.

Ventura County promotes the values of public service and accountability, and adheres to the civil service principles of employment selection based on qualification and merit. We value a diverse workforce that reflects our community.

Employment Opportunities
The County of Ventura offers a wide variety of occupations in nearly thirty different agencies. Take a look at what's available and review the many benefits of establishing your career with us.
Training and Development
An assortment of training classes for Ventura County employees focused on professional development and skill enhancement.
Employee Benefits and Programs
We offer an extensive benefits package to our regular employees, including a Flexible Benefits Program, Deferred Compensation and other optional and automatic benefits.
Award Winning Wellness Program
Our nationally-recognized, award winning worksite health-promotion program is available to all regular County employees and their spouses.

Ventura County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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