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Current Rainfall Information

Notice:  We are currently migrating to a new computer system.  The static maps have been replaced by the Google Maps Interface.  We are still working to restore the seasonal rainfall totals on the Google Maps Interface.  In the meantime seasonal totals are available through the Automated Media Report and through the Historical Rainfall Data webpage.

Latest Ventura County Rainfall Media Report

This report contains the current totals and percent of normal for official observation stations in Ventura County. This report is only updated when rain is reported in the metropolitan area of Ventura County.

Automated Media Report (New)Automated Media Report (New)
Historical Rainfall Information for Ventura County and El Nino Effects (Updated September 26, 2007)Historical Rainfall Information for Ventura County and El Nino Effects (Updated September 26, 2007)
Historical Rainfall Data

New Google Maps Interface

Current Rainfall / Weather / Ocean Temperature

Note: This is a new Google Maps Interface that allows for us to display more information than we could before.  This interface also allows for 5 minute updates for all datasets.  This product has replaced the static rain and weather maps. We welcome your feedback on the new Google Maps Interface. Please send your comments to HydroData@ventura.org.

Other Reports (time is in PST)

Current Weather ReportCurrent Weather Report

Rain Reports
Ventura County Text Report Ventura County Text Report
Ventura County Last 5 Days Ventura County Last 5 Days
California State Summary California State Summary

Stream Gage Plots
VCAHPS (Current and Forecasted stream flows)

ALERT Network Station Information
ALERT Precipitation Numerical ListALERT Precipitation Numerical List
ALERT Stream Numerical ListALERT Stream Numerical List
ALERT Weather Station Numerical ListALERT Weather Station Numerical List
ALERT Non-Local Stations (California/Nevada/Arizona) Regional List ALERT Non-Local Stations (California/Nevada/Arizona) Regional List

Warning:  This system contains automated rain gages from Ventura County and surrounding counties. These gages send a radio transmission when enough rain has fallen to "tip" the bucket. The amount varies from 0.01 in to 0.04 in (1mm). The ALERT network also receives data via the GOES Satellite. The satellite data comes from other organizations other than Ventura County Watershed Protection District. Data from the Satellite consists of USGS Stream Gages, RAWS (Remote Automated Weather Stations), and other Automated Rain Gages. Satellite data is transmitted on a regular basis due to bandwidth limitations on the satellite. This means that data can be delayed up to 4 hours and no reports sooner than 1 hour. Since the data is automated, errors due to transmission is possible. The data available on this web site is provisional and has not been checked or verified for accuracy. These maps and reports were created solely for the convenience of the County and related public agencies. The County does not warrant the accuracy of these maps and reports, and no decision involving a risk of economic loss or physical injury should be made from the data available on this site.
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