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Why Require Commercial Recycling?

Every city and county in California is already required by state law to divert solid waste from our local landfills. However, with Governor Brown’s recent signing of Assembly Bill 341, now all businesses generating four or more cubic yards of waste per week and all multi-family complexes of five or more units, regardless of waste generation, must also recycle. Through the passage of AB 341, California will preserve local landfill space, prevent pollution, save energy in the manufacturing sector and conserve resources for future generations. In addition, businesses can frequently lower their monthly trash disposal costs by implementing a recycling program, thus making this a “win win” for everybody!

Businesses in the unincorporated area of the Ventura County can freely choose their solid waste collection service/disposal provider. Since the collection services provided, as well as the rates charged, can vary significantly among the various providers, it is important for you to take the time to find out which waste disposal company offers the best fit for your company’s needs. (Note: Because of transportation expenses, some haulers currently CHOOSE to service only particular areas.)

The County requires all solid waste collection service companies to offer recyclables collection service at a lower cost than refuse collection. In some cases, you may even be paid for your recyclables. However, simply adding recycling service, without a corresponding decrease in refuse service, may increase your total refuse bill. Also, you are not limited to using the same company for both your refuse disposal and recycling needs, although, depending upon the type and volume of recyclables your company generates, it may be more cost-effective to do so.

For a complete list of County-approved Commercial Haulers in the unincorporated area of Ventura County, please click here.




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