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Green Materials Recycling Program Fee Exemption

Green Materials Recycling Program Fee Exemption - Program Description and Policies for Residents

State law requires the County to divert landfill-bound solid waste material through the use of waste prevention, recycling and re-use.  To meet this mandate, a Ventura County Ordinance provides for the implementation of programs for attainment of waste diversion goals.  The Ordinance allows for an exemption for residential green materials (e.g., grass clippings, leaves, tree trimmings, etc.).

Pursuant to the Ordinance, the Integrated Waste Management Division (IWMD) has developed the Green Material Recycling Program which allows residential customers to discontinue their green materials (yard waste) container and potentially save on their monthly bill.  To be eligible for an exemption you must meet one of the following criteria:

1) You do not generate yard waste or green material on your property;
2) You compost and/or mulch yard waste and green material on your property;
3) You utilize a professional landscaping service that removes your yard waste and green material from property and recycles it.

The IWMD has developed English and Spanish (Español) application forms for residential customers seeking an exemption:

Click here for the English Application form (PDF format) 

Presionar el botón para obtener la Aplicación en Español  (formato PDF) 

You may also contact: 
Gloria Silvestri-Whitcomb at 805/658-4319

Once the IWMD receives the completed exemption application, we will conduct a random, onsite inspection to verify the exemption reason prior to approval or denial of the application.  The Division will make every effort to complete the inspection and notify the resident and their County authorized hauler of our determination within 10 working days.

As an exempt customer, your solid waste container may be randomly inspected without prior notification as part of the Division’s annual compliance inspection process. 

Furthermore, you may not place green material in either the refuse or recycling containers.  If a follow-up inspection reveals green materials are being placed in these containers, or your landscaper is not diverting green materials to a recycling facility, the IWMD will send you a warning notice outlining the program requirements and informing you the exemption may be revoked and, if revoked, a charge for the green materials container may be applied to your bill.  The IWMD will conduct another inspection no later than 6 months after issuing the warning notice.

If you would like information about composting, "grasscycling," mulching, and other effective green materials management techniques, please contact:
Gloria Silvestri-Whitcomb at 805/658-4319



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