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Youth Services - Career Planning
VC Jobs With A Future
VC Jobs With A Future

Career Planning

Ever thought about what you want to be? What you want to do? What job or career you see yourself in? There are lots of ways to help you find a path that will be fun, rewarding and interesting to you.

What is the right career for you?- Not sure what career is right for you? Take this quick and easy quiz and learn which careers match well with your personality and interests!

  • California Occupational Guides – Learn more about a career that interests you, including opportunities, wages, licensing, education and training requirements. Just about everything you might want to  know about any job or career on your list!
  • Top 100 Fastest Growing Occupations in Ventura County – See how ‘what you want to be’ matches with projected job opportunities in the future!
  • Occupations with the Most Job Openings - Click on the link and scroll down the page until you find “Ventura County”.  There you can click on two different reports: 1) Fastest Growing Occupations, 2) Occupations with Most Job Openings.  These reports will also tell you average wage and how much education and training are required!

How much can I make?
Ever wonder how much it might cost to live the way you picture yourself living after high school, community college, or college? 

Take the California Reality Check quiz and...

  • Get a Reality Check – Find out how much money you really need to make to live the lifestyle you are planning on in Southern California.
  • Future Salary – Already know how much you want to make then find out what kind of jobs will foot the bill!
  • Occupation Direct – Know what you want to be? This tool will help you assess the earning potential for a career you are considering.

What is my educational path?
There are almost as many educational paths as there are career options.  Find out what kind of career choices are options of various levels of education.

On-The-Job Training Career Options:  1 to 2 years

Vocational Training: 1 to 2 years

College:  2 to 8 Years

Training Programs & Colleges in Ventura County – Connect with a complete list of schools and the certified training programs and degrees offered right here in Ventura County.

Where can I get financial help?
There are many different avenues for financial aid to support your education.  The following resources will help you research your options and decide which avenues might work best for you.
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